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Hello and Welcome, Neighbors,

Over the last several years I have been honored to be your Mayor.  With the help of many excellent City boards, residents, and staff, we have made great progress in delivering on our commitments to our City and neighborhoods.  Following are some of the highlights of our accomplishments and ongoing efforts during my tenure as mayor:

  • Our new Schnucks and St. Louis Bread Company are built and operating. St. Louis Bread Company has expanded with a new drive through.
  • Patients First has moved into Legends Plaza bringing an Urgent Care Center and a 5,000 patient base. They filled our largest existing office space.
  • We have a new urgent care facility approved on Fifth Street (near Pizza Hut).
  • We have a new plaza and relocated Meramec Blvd. This includes First Community National Bank, Arby’s, Culver’s, medical offices of St. Johns Hospital Services, DaVita Dialysis Clinic, and Snap Fitness. The intersection is safer and has new signalization.
  • We have a new Walgreens, car wash, and car care center at Fourth Street and 109.
  • There are new Hilltop Manor Senior Apartments administered by Lutheran Senior Services.
  • Central Baptist Church, Eureka United Methodist Church, St Marks Lutheran Church and School, and Most  Sacred Heart Church and School have done major expansions. St. Francis Episcopal and Eden Community Church have moved into expanded facilities.
  • Six Flags is growing with a new ride and improved park attractions planned for this year.
  • Wal-Mart will be undergoing a major remodel beginning in April.
  • We have a new industrial park anchored by Cenveo Corporation.  Cenveo is an international company. It is the largest industry (220,000 square feet) to ever locate in Eureka.
  • Rotometrics has expanded its work force and property in Eureka.
  • As of February 2011 two new  restaurants have applied to be in Old Town Eureka.
  • Dickey Bub filled our largest retail vacancy. We are currently helping to market the other large space in the building (vacated when Schnucks moved to their new plaza).
  • The Drewel Building has been built at the corner of Fourth Street and Central Avenue. This building currently is home to The Sports and Physical Therapy Center and the Superior Building Group.
  • The City has opened a State of Missouri Affiliate Welcome Center at 22 Dreyer Ave. in the Old Town area. MoDot will be installing highway signage this year to direct tourists and visitors to this facility. This building is also home to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and the City of Eureka Business and Visitors Center.
  • Eureka has hired a professional Economic Development Director. This position is full time and is charged with the duties of retaining and attracting business and tourism to Eureka. The Director also acts as a representative for our businesses and organizations. This position is also in charge of our website and Facebook pages.
  • The City is redesigning our website and has established a presence on Facebook. Our website design firm is K-1 Creative, a Eureka-based company.
  • Several new banks and credit unions have opened in Eureka.
  • There is new traffic signal at Legends Corporate Center and 109. This has greatly improved safety at that intersection. There are new signals at the Interstate 44 and 109 intersection, at North Street and 109 (Blevins and Elk Trail area) and at Eureka High School.
  • Turn lanes were added at the Emerald Forest and 109 intersections and stricter police enforcement has been added for safety.
  • A center turn lane was designated on Fifth Street using a design given to MoDot by the City of Eureka.
  • There were traffic signal and turn lane additions at Fifth Street and 109 in conjunction with the Schnucks Plaza Development
  • We have built new bridges and walkways on Bald Hill (Lions and Legion Parks) and Forby Road.
  • We have constructed a new foot bridge and trail over Clifte Creek to connect the Forby area and parks to Eureka High School.
  • There is a new parking lot and expanded parking areas for the Bud Weber Community Center and Lions and Legions Parks.
  • We have improved or repaved dozens of streets and roads in Eureka. More are planned this spring including improvements to Top Notch Lane and West Main (between the back of the Legends and the old railroad bridge).
  • We have been approved for grants and will be constructing a new trail between Route 66 State Park and Central Avenue in Old Town Eureka.
  • The contract has been bid and signed for a new parking lot in our Old Town Area. This will back to The Eureka Wine House and Boschert’s Eye Care. It will feature 40+ parking spaces plus a gazebo and park area for small concerts, farmer’s market and art shows. Full electrical connections will be provided. Construction will start as soon as weather and contractor’s schedule permits.
  • The contract has been bid and awarded for a new Forby Road/North Street and Trail. This will include an 8’ wide trail and expanded roadway with curbs and storm water improvements. These improvements will run between Meramec Blvd. and Central Ave. This is funded by Federal, MoDot, and East/West Gateway grants. There were numerous requirements and engineering reviews as well as property acquisition. Construction will start as soon as weather and contractor’s schedule permits.
  • We have opened Kircher Park with new playground facilities, pavilions, restrooms, and a trail connection to Route 66 State Park. This park includes a disc golf course. The St. Louis Live Steamers small scale steam railroad has located in the park and offers periodic free rides to the public.
  • We have added Berry Park which will open this spring with trails, pavilions, restrooms, practice field areas, and playground. Trails will connect to the park to Forby Road and Eureka High School.
  • We have added Soetebier Park. This park includes a full-size football field (for lacrosse, football, and rugby) and two soccer fields with parking.
  • Drewel Park has been enhanced and expanded to include a disabled “inclusive” playground, new play facilities, exercise trail, educational signage and rain garden.
  • The City has added major play area improvements in Legion Park in addition to ball field improvements, parking and a historic restored railroad caboose.
  • We have added new playground facilities, foot bridges, drainage and ball field improvements to Lions Park.
  • The City has improved Eureka Days and expanded the fireworks display which is now being conducted by Lantis Fireworks (a locally owned company).
  • We have added a Fourth of July celebration with family friendly activities and prices (50 cents for hot dogs, soda, or ice cream) and fireworks (by Lantis).
  • We have added a fall celebration in our Old Town area and a Christmas Celebration with  a tree lighting, Santa Claus, food, drink and children’s activities.
  • There is a  ”Concerts on Central” program that attracts thousands yearly to free concerts in our Old Town area.
  • We have a “Starlight Movie Night” program that offers free outdoor family movies in our City Hall park area during the summer months.
  • The Eureka Parks Department now hosts senior luncheons every month at the Bud Weber Community Center.
  • We are the first City in St. Louis County to offer a free CodeRED warning system to our residents and businesses. You may sign up for this program on our website. This system gives warning calls when there is severe weather or a natural disaster in our community.
  •  The City is part of a grass roots organization dedicated to advancing a new library facility in Eureka. Send an e-mail to theeurekaproject@yahoo.com for more information.
  • Our Eureka Police Department has an expanded DARE program, a Mobile Command Center (paid for with special funding) and modern computer and communications equipment. We are one of the most trained, equipped and successful police departments in Missouri.
  • As we renovate and build facilities, we are adding green features such as pervious pavement, LED high efficiency lighting, solar lighting, recycled materials, rain gardens and wetlands preservation.
  • We expanded our recycling program to include City provided recycling containers in connection with a single stream recycling and bulk pickup program.
  • After delays with the JBA site, the City has moved ahead and purchased a new Recreation Center site. This is located near and will access through the Legends Corporate Center at Legends Parkway and 109. Our finance, design and construction consultants have been hired. We expect design and engineering to be completed by the end of this year. We will then bid and construct the facility for planned opening in 2012. It will include pool, exercise, office, and meeting facilities as well as other features. Follow our newsletters and website as we progress with this exciting project! Watch us grow!
  • Our City rallied to support former Alderman Tim Jones and elect him to the Missouri House of Representatives to help ensure we have a local representative who shares the City’s views and objectives. He is now Majority Floor Leader.

We will continue our commitment to preserve the special quality of life and neighborhood feeling that make Eureka unique. Citizen support and input on our Boards, at our meetings, and in our churches, schools, and organizations is essential to our efforts. We always expect to encounter challenges. These will be overcome with knowledge, commitment and experience. A planner at St. Louis County compared us to the “Energizer Bunny”. When combined with the experience and professionalism of the Board of Aldermen and City staff, I consider that indeed a high compliment.

Thank you again for your help and support.
Kevin M. Coffey,
Mayor of Eureka

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