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Why are you running for this office?

I am running for re-election because Eureka is on the right path.  We have been able to bring things such as a new Schnucks, St. Louis Bread Company, Walgreens, Culvers, Arbys, State of Missouri Welcome Center, new parks, ball-fields, and many other businesses, services and events. We have an awesome Fourth of July Celebration, Eureka Days and concerts. There are new bridges, roads, trails and traffic signals. Our Recreation Center is moving forward with a planned grand opening next year. Our neighborhoods and Churches are strong and successful.

We have attracted several industrial users to diversify City revenues and strengthen our budget. 

To continue to achieve will require experience and ability. Mayor of Eureka is not an entry level position. I have been proud to “learn the ropes” in a variety of positions both public and private. In these positions I have been successful and effective. If you check our City’s list of achievements in the Welcome section of this site you can realize the importance of an experienced and professionally administered City government.

These things do not happen without the dedication of the Board of Aldermen, Citizen Boards, City Staff and the involvement of all our residents.  I am proud to be a part of this success and would enjoy continuing these efforts.

.What are your top priorities if elected? 

My top priority will always be to keep our quality of life and great neighborhoods.  I have enjoyed life in Eureka and my involvement in our community.  The caring of our residents is incredible.  The benefits of living in a great town with excellent churches, schools, and parks are immeasurable.  Proper planning can help keep the “small town feeling “even as we grow.

What do you intend to accomplish?

I intend to follow through on projects underway and attract new proposals that benefit Eureka.  Our Recreation Center will require knowledge of engineering, planning, and public facility construction that come from experience and involvement.  Our park plans are ambitious and long term. We have kept our City strong in the face of many challenges. I will continue to use our skills and connections with business and government to achieve the growth of our City and the desires of our residents.

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing your municipality and how would you deal with it?

The biggest challenge is keeping our business community strong and growing. We have opened a Business and Tourism Center, a Missouri Affiliate Welcome Center and hired an economic Development Director. The City enjoys a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce that is unparalleled in our history. We are promoting our businesses on our new website and Facebook. Eureka has taken steps that will ensure we are in the forefront of commerce and development. Current challenges and future success require strong effort. Our City has and will continue to use our professional staff and our relationships with St. Louis County, the State of Missouri and our business partners to keep our City on a positive and beneficial path.  


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