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Mayor Coffey works with the community to get things done for us.

Work, Family & Community

Making Work Pay

Strengthening Families

Building Community Wealth

Quality of Life

Crime & Public Safety

Creating Jobs in a

Changing Economy

Our Children's Education

Contact Information:
Phone: 636-938-4260
Work: 314-265-9477
Mobile: 314-265-9477

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What are your qualifications for holding public office, specifically, this office?

Experience, involvement, and a proven caring for our community are the qualities most essential to this position.  I have been involved in numerous groups including Eureka Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts, Rockwood Schools, the Lions, Eureka Ministerial Alliance, and am an active member of Most Sacred Heart Church.

My “political beginnings” were as a community activist for the Master Plan Committee and I have served as a subdivision trustee and president.  My government experience includes serving on the St. Louis County Municipal League Governmental Affairs Committee, Board Member of the St. Louis County Economic Collaborative, Rockwood School District Finance Committee, Eureka Planning and Zoning, Eureka Alderman and Mayor.

A mayor needs the skills to guide the City and administer the budget.  My experience with City and regional government has shown my ability and commitment. Our City has been successful during difficult times when other cities are faltering.  It is important to listen and act on what you learn.  The mayor’s position is a conduit to the Board and citizens.  It must further represent Eureka to other cities, the County and the State.  I have been active in building good relationships with these parties and have shown that Eureka is a great community.  Eureka’s strength is its base in Faith, Family, and Neighborhood.  I have always sought to make this the core of my efforts.


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