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It seems that in the past few years Eureka has been doing more road and trail projects. Why is this?

The City has added to its road and trail efforts. Lower prices for materials and construction have allowed us to take advantage of a highly competitive bidding environment. Because of conservative budgeting we are more financially able than other cities that have had to cut back on projects. We have also been able to leverage funds to obtain grant money. Sometimes these grants may involve specific time periods, property acquisitions and other processes. A strong knowledge of these requirements is essential to be successful in the position of Mayor.  

Sometimes people say government makes promises, but doesn't deliver.  Look around and you will see bridges and roads being rebuilt and made safer.  The City applied for and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars of Federal funding.  These plans were made over several years and often involve not just Federal funding but also, MoDOT, the Department of Natural Resources, St. Louis County, and Army Corps of Engineers approvals, as well as partnering with businesses and residents.  Scheduling of projects often involves numerous parties and unique circumstances.  Delays in today's construction climate are common and often unavoidable.  As we encounter these challenges we always work and rework plans to ensure the lowest possible level of inconvenience.
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