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Experience - Ability and

Vote to Elect Kevin Coffey
Mayor of Eureka, MO
  • Community Member
    for 27 yrs
  • 12 years on City Staff
  • Key Staffing Positions
  • Great Values &
  • Revised Master Plan
  • Major Roadwork
  • Several Major
  • Active Family Man
  • Environmentally
  • The BEST Choice
    for Mayor

Contact Information:
Phone: 636-938-4260
Work: 314-265-9477
Mobile: 314-265-9477

Some people look at the way it is and say why,
others look at the way it could be and say why not..

George Bernard Shaw

Many of the wonderful folks here in Eureka stop and ask me questions about progress, problems, history and current events. Here are a few answers to those questions. I will post more as they are asked and answered.

Email or call me if there are any topics you would like to see here.

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